Tahiti the fish

In the very ancient time, Raiatea and Taha'a forms only an alone big island called “Ha-va-i-'i-nui” (Large-space-call upon-which-fills).

One day, the priests undertook the building of a new marae. So that fluster nothing the sacred atmosphere, no cock was to sing, no dog wasn’t to bark, nobody was to move.

During this period, a beautifull named girl “Tere-he” infringed orders and went to have a swim in the river.

The angry Gods got outside from a hole a big eel, who swallowed Terehe all at once.
The eel, had by the spirit of the girl, became fanatical. She leaped on all sides and tore off trees and rocks. She devoured the middle of the island so, which format a strait separated Large-Havai' i in two distinct islands: Raiatea and Tahaa. The eel grows more and more and became a enormous fish.

The Gods entrusted it to “Tu-rahu-nui” (large-wizard) who put themselves on his head and directed it towards the east. The fish took coming the name of Ta-hiti-nui. It was splendid while they leaves towards the open sea. “Orohena”, the highest mountain was, as its name points it out, the first back fin.

Tahiti-iti and Moorea were the second back fin, but fell to water and followed in the wake of Tahiti. The fish stopped finally, but it was necessary to prevent it from moving so that it resides forever on the same place.

Warriors arrived in canoe to cut the sinews of the fish. They tried, in turn, but for nothing. Famous “Ta-fa' I” went to Tubua' i to search a very big and very heavy axe with a lot of power. It called upon “Tino-rua”, lord of the ocean, and the axe became light in the hands. “Tafa'i” should put on in to cut the fish Tahiti and ceased when all sinews were cut.

The big chain of mountains, which dominated Tahiti, was so cut in two parts.
The place where Tafa' I struck, formed an isthmus called now Taravao. Thus the territory of large Tahiti became stable.

An Isthmus is strip of land which links up two coasts. 

by Teuira Henry

Polynesian Triangle Association

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