Put set, these words are very powerful since they define a sense of the sacred, of ancestors and origins.

As an Association, we board in our cultural and instructive mission with confidentiality and especially with firm belief and pride, knowing that the name of TUMU-RA' I-FENUA, will guide us and protect us.

It will help us to renew our ancient relationship and to create new links in future.

Of a distasteful aspect, but its very beautiful legend relating to the Polynesian Triangle, made of it, the federator Mascot of our Association.

Taumata or Tumura' ifenua, the name of Great Fe' e
is the head of which is in Raiatea-Taha'a

and tentacles spread out on Moana Nui A Hiva, drawing roads or has for canoes towards the different islands of Big Ocean.

To each of these roads a line of stars in the sky corresponds. Islands and stars are in narrow relation for the navigators.

Te Are o te Moana, security guard of the sea, open them doors so, if breast of Va'a,

the voyagers accomplish the big stocks of Great Octopus are:

Te Hau, te Maita' i e te Ho'era'a (Peace, Kindness and Unity).

They can lead the seafarers to their destination and bring them back to their native land : Havai'I-Ra’iatea.

Polynesian Triangle Association

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