Purpose of this site

Purpose of this site


Ia Ora Na and welcome on the Maohinesia site


We are passionate about maohi Culture.

Naturally our research turned to the cultural field.

What could be more federator effect in that culture?
Our culture is made of our languages, our symbols, our know-how and our knowledge to be "Maohi.


Needless to say, the Polynesian Triangle is only a passion for us ... but it is really much more than a passion: it is a big part of our lives.


Authors such as Teuira HENRY, HIRO Henri, Peter LEIATAUA, Patricia Wallace and many others we have discovered a marvellous world of poetry and wisdom.

We want with our webmaster, by creating this site to make you discover our tour this magical world through the hero who made the history of maohi "without losing their gods, their lifestyles, their daily concerns, etc ...


Our objective is to create an encyclopaedia in order to constitute serious references on the questions which people will tackle on all the topics concerning the maohi.


We had the idea to make this space at the disposal of any person who wishes sincerely and objectively to get information about the existence of our association.


This collective approach allows us to fully talk about things that fascinate us and that passion; we hope all those who have chosen to visit this site.

At the same time we take this opportunity to make some clarifications on some points concerning our research who aspire to our convictions.


For various reasons, we also joined together some subjects more general order, on the Polynesian Triangle, in particular on the origins, the identity, federator element, the tour and the settlement.....


We are absolutely not animated by a spirit of those which know all and we do not wish to propagate our beliefs via Internet, the simple message for our association, it is to announce essence and to carry the torch lit by our " Tupuna" ancestors, and left in the works per many writers and missionaries on their life, is to be said to transmit to other our knowledge, our knowledge to make and our knowledge to be with the people of the world.


We do not seek to make known the reasoning which justifies our passion, wishing that will contribute to a better mutual understanding.


Well having even taken to us position about the majority of the topics approached on this site, we try to mention the arguments which we receive and we leave the care to each one to form his own opinion.


We do not want to go into major debates over the internet as do those who may still want to have the last word.


The questions are selected, because we find them interesting and edifying or because you will have suggested them to us.


This site does not replace nor which that is.

Wake up and do our share of cultural work. Do not expect a miracle to be educated maohi.

It's like many people we love to share and talk about what interests us, not because a feeling of necessity pushed us, that our association has existed.


It is our pleasure as we share with anyone interested in knowing more about our ambitions on maohi or discuss with those who are interested.

Happy surfing,

RUA teamo


Polynesian Triangle Association

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