General Concept

Dire Straits d'Exotic Bluenote


Petite femelle exotic chinchilla : reste avec nous et prendra la suite de sa maman Balma


My heart aspires to my native soil.
My " Life " was born from Ta'aroa, source of my existence on this " land " who saw me being born.
This intimate thought, caused in me, as well ethnic impulses as I had the idea and a strong will to take part in the Life of my Country, through my own culture, of my traditions and my habits, to be cultivated about it, in order to also divide with the others, by accomplishing this wishes which is very dear to me, the creation; an Association relating to the Polynesian Triangle.
Because, our Life is quite invaluable on this Earth, Natifs of this land surrounded by this Beauty Paradisiacal of Nature! Such was the work of the Supreme Divinity of Ta'aroa our Creator.


Polynesian Triangle Association

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