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Under the Maohi sky



Under the MaÓhi sky


Denomination MAÓHINESIA mean the maÓhi’s islands, for its international dimension in this vast Pacific Ocean, and subtitles in Tahitian,  To' U Ora To' U Ai'a (My Life, My Land), for its local dimension. 


Gold, it is the LIGHT


The Ring of Gold colour, it is the sun The guide of the present and the future, who gives the life, of this so much coveted energy which lights and cures It is also this force which pushes us to accept, to receive, to give and especially to diffuse with LOVE, HEAT and HUMILITY


With the WHITE, it is PEACE


The head of Tumura' ifenua is located at Hava' i-Uporu (Raiatea-Taha'  , represented in the center by the TIARE APETAHI”

(Endemic Fleur of the sacred island) “ crowned island) its five (5) petals in half-corolla white, (The figure FIVE indicating Humanity) MaÓhi! Together and everywhere, charms by its beauty, the LOVE which we carry for our Land. All connected in the middle of Taputapuatea, (ground of origin, cradle of MaÓhi) (Crowned Place, seat of Knowledge, the Religion and the Worship)


With the GREEN it is the HOPE and COURAGE The bottom of green color, it is the Earth, on which we live. Green and  the BRAID with THREE formant the TRIANGLE, carrying symbols alive like Nature specific to the three (3) extremities. 


~ Rapa Nui (Freedom) like a freely flying bird


~ HAWAI' I (Protection) under the protective wings of God Ta' aroa


~ AOTEAROA (Illumination) Ra, the sun illuminates our way


The vertical Triangle pointing to the top symbolizes stability, upright being held MaÓhi; because, upright, means the domination, it is also the profile of the arrowhead, symbol of the determination and the direction which we must take (Members, friends and sympathizers of Association)


Who transports each one among us, responsible or members towards an environment for communion, so that we strongly reinforce our links, of our joined together experiments, which lead us to the made goods of the communication, in search of our identity, between we MaÓhi who need so much, Friends or Enemies, to be heard and included understood and for which we will try to find and bring answers 


TUMURA' IFENUA “GIANT OCTOPUS (FE'E)” (Octopus) the Federator Element of the “Polynesian Triangle” Spiritual and Cultural bond (Mana) of our maÓhi ancestors

With the image of the "EIGHT TENTACULES" spread out over Moana Nui a Hiva, tracing the roads for canoes towards the different islands of Big Ocean.(connection of the oceanic ways)

To each of these roads a line of stars in the sky corresponds, the emergence of the islands geographically dispersed like its suction cups from interior to outside

(Ancestral Figure, symbolic system of the great power of Ta'aroa, the creator god) 

Thus marking our IDENTITY, our recognition and our burning attachment with our native soil and ancestral to which our heart aspires


Te Moana Nui a Hiva Four (4) blue bands

The Great Blue, “ The Sea” Symbol of Abundance, the feeder matrix

(very vast stretch of water, connecting the four (4) corners of the Earth)

the residence of Tumura' ifenua.


Figure 4 means also the Life


Our values, those of Tumura' ifenua,

"Te Hau, Te Maita'i e te Ho'era'a"

"The peace, Kindness and the Unity"


Only these values will lead us to destination and will bring back for us, at the moment chosen, towards our ground of origin:


Such are the five (5) elements of this LOGO, who will symbolize finally and especially, for the future generations, the spirit of initiative, responsibility, freedom, of dignity and blooming, an association turned towards the future and attached with the ancestral, traditional and cultural values maÓhi.



It is quite simply the ART of the Development of Association:


MAÓHINESIA “To' U Ora-To' U Ai'a” “Ma Vie, Mon Pays” “My Life-My Land” “ Mi Vida Mi Tierra”









Polynesian Triangle Association

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